Step 1: You bring your items to us, we collect them from you for a reasonable pick-up fee, or you send us photographs and brief descriptions.

Step 2: We research each item and determine its value on the eBay marketplace—how much to ask for it and the minimum to accept.

Step 3: For those items that we agree to list for you, we take as many photographs as appropriate to display them effectively. We write the descriptions, prepare the listings, and put the items up for sale.

Step 4: We answer questions, negotiate with potential buyers, and do everything we can to realize the highest possible price for you.

Step 5: When an item has sold, we invoice and collect payment from the buyer.

Step 6: We professionally pack, ship, and confirm delivery of the item.

Step 7: After the buyer’s 48-hour acceptance period has elapsed, we send you a check for the selling price less our commission.

Guidelines for Selling with Auction it TODAY

• Each individual item we list must have an eBay market value of at least $100.
• The items we list for you must have an eBay market value in total of at least $250.

Note: If you bring us items that do not have a value of at least $100 individually, we’ll determine if we can group them into one or more lots to reach an acceptable value.

Listing Options

Although eBay offers various ways to put an item up for sale (including “Auction”, “Buy It Now,” and “Buy It Now with Best Offer”), we’ve found that listing items using the “Buy It Now with Best Offer” option for a minimum of three thirty-day periods usually works best to realize the maximum value. If an item hasn’t sold in that time, you can opt to continue listing the item (at no additional charge) at the same or a reduced price, or you can elect to pick the item up. If you prefer for us to use a different selling arrangement, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

We also list larger items that are difficult or expensive to ship on Craigslist and other local listing sites.

Auction it TODAY has the highest reputation as an eBay seller, giving your item listings immediate trustworthiness, credibility, and visibility.


For most items, our commission is a sliding percentage of the sale price—and includes all eBay and PayPal fees, shipping costs, and insurance. Items in certain categories are listed for a flat fee.

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