At Auction it TODAY, we have the selling expertise to handle just about anything of value. We work with small items, such as collections of antique jewelry, coins, Hummels, or other collectibles, as well as large items, such as artwork, cars, motorcycles, and boats. Our sales associates are trained to handle jobs of all sizes—a complete collection, an entire estate, or a single valuable item—and even the smallest jobs receive the attention and dedication they require.

Bring your items to Auction it TODAY and we’ll help you make an informed decision about what to sell and help you determine its real value in today’s market. Please give us a call or use the Individual Inquiry Form if you have a single large or especially valuable item or a large number of items, give us a call. We’ll dispatch one of our knowledgeable sales associates to give you the same personalized attention you’d receive in our facility.

Individual Inquiry Form

Here are just some of the many kinds of items that we can sell for you:

• Airplanes
• Antiques
• Appliances
• Artwork
• ATVs
• Autographed items
• Automotive parts
• Boats
• Cars
• China
• Coins and paper currency
• Collectibles
• Commercial equipment
• Electronics
• Flatware
• Glassware

• Heavy equipment
• Industrial products
• Jet skis
• Jewelry
• Machinery
• Memorabilia
• Musical instruments
• Motorcycles
• Pianos
• Riding lawnmowers
• RVs
• Snow blowers
• Sporting goods
• Sports memorabilia
• Tools
• Trucks

Here are some of the items we’ve sold:


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